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We’ll Come to You to Spread Healthy Living in LA

Spread Healthy Living In The Community

As a healthy pressed juicery in Beverly Hills, Vanguish Organic’s main goal is to spread healthy living and lifestyle throughout the community. We try to encourage patrons to consume healthier options by constantly producing our signature organic juices, smoothies, coffee, and food menu daily. Most importantly, “conscious eating” is a concept that we truly emphasize. If people can fully learn and become aware of the benefits of consuming healthy choices, it will set a good path for their bodies in the future. One way that we, at Vanguish Organic, can spread healthy eating and lifestyle is by setting up a table at an event, office, school, etc. and presenting samples of our organic juices. To have a vision of what we we’re talking about, here is one experience that we had. On June 20th, the first day of Summer, we were invited to give out juice samples and present ourselves to the employees of the Youtube/Google office in Beverly Hills. We would set up a booth in the cafeteria during lunch hour and employees would come by to grab a free juice while we talk about the benefits of them.

Our Time at Youtube/Google

The booth was presented by our expert juice bar consultant/manager Juan, a dedicated individual who has been working in the organic food industry since the 1990s when he first worked at a natural food market. Juan talked about the benefits of natural and organic juices while showcasing our products. During that period, employees were free to ask him questions about the benefits. Some examples of questions that employees asked were “What ingredients are best for a cold?”, “I have a wedding in 3 months, which juice helps curb my appetite?”, and “I like to work out in the morning but by the time I get to work, I’m exhausted, which juice can give me more energy?”. Juan was there for an hour, when the lunch was over, he packed up and left.

The Real Goal

The ultimate goal for this service is to teach people about incorporating the healthy lifestyle ideal into your daily life. We want you and the rest of the Los Angeles community to know that we will be fully offering this service indefinitely. This is for the owners, managers, and administrators of various groups, organizations, businesses, and schools to have the opportunity to give people more insight of living and eating healthy. It’s more than about showcasing products, its about educating people oabout leading an improved lifestyle. Contact us to book our showcase at 310-880-9229 and check out our products yourself at our location in Beverly Hills daily.

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