Vegan Food Distributors That Should Be On Your Radar

A Happy Vegan Merchant in Your Neighborhood

When we started a year ago, opening our doors to the Beverly Hills community, we ventured to be a pressed juicery and coffee bar that establishes itself as a purely, healthy stop that would eventually become a lifestyle habit to all locals and out-of-towners. Today, we not only offer our own original take on organic juices, smoothies, sandwiches, and acai bowls; but we are proud merchant of delicious vegan and healthy products from other growing and innovative vegan food distributors. We are happy to conduct a wholesale trade with these vegan food distributors for the collection of desserts, entrees, and snacks that we provide to our customers daily. These new makers, influencers, and brands continue to reinvent the healthy eating industry.

Vegan Desserts


Yvonne’s delicious NY Style Cheesecake

Everybody loves desserts, but it’s a lot harder when you are trying to maintain a vegan diet. Luckily, we supply tasty vegan treats from one amazing maker. Yvonne Ardestini of Yvonne’s Deliciously Vegan is a baker of scrumptious vegan, gluten, and raw treats whom we wholesale for, featuring her delicious NY style vegan cheesecake. Her amazing treats are a dream for any vegan.


Macarons from Feel Good Desserts!!!

The macarons and ice cream sandwiches that are available in store usually will come, courtesy of Feel Good Desserts. They’re a bakery that started their vegan, gluten dessert business to fill in the void of healthy options for the sweet tooth. Be sure to try their sugar-free, gluten, but utterly delicious chocolate chip creme filled cookie!

Healthy Entrees

How great would it be if your lunch and dinner was both amazingly delicious and perfectly good for you? Margeaux and Linda’s Vegan Kitchen supplies us with a fabulous mix of vegan, organic, anti-infammatory, and non-GMO dishes that are also utterly delectable. The absolute must-have item from them is the Sunseed Chorizo: a raw, vegan leaf wrap with sunflower seed chorizo and sweet and spicy chipotle dressing.

Spicy Tumeric Soup

The delightful vegan products from Living Gourmet.

How about a healthier side of burgers and burritos? Nelson’s Living Gourmet is a kitchen that provides flavorful, fresh, organic, and vegan cuisine to the lucky local in Southern California. They supply us with several great items such as their gourmet burritos, vegan falafel burgers, and spicy vegan soup!

Refreshing Snacks

A snack doesn’t have to be made up of junk food to taste delicious. The snacks we offer from these upstart brands offer both increased vitality and deliciousness. The sprouted snacks from Living Intentions offer boastful health through raw and sprouted nut blends with multiple amazing flavors.

Another healthier and natural alternative to processed snacks comes from the always grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, paleo snacks from Leia and Nora’s Food Company. Locally made and universally enjoyed, their products range from grain-free granolas to their mouthwatering brownies.

Healthy Wholesale Goodness

Those are just a handful of the vegan food distributors and grab & go brands that we act as a healthy food merchant for. Every day, there are more and more creative and innovative brands and people looking to get their healthy, vegan, and organic goods to the community. We are glad to be one of them to count on. The next time that you make your way to Vanguish Organic, you may find something perfect for your nutritious diet.

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