Riding the Wave of the Organic Trend

A Healthier Society

Riding on the soaring organic trend in the US, Vanguish is a local healthy eatery and juice bar in Beverly Hills that prides itself in providing products that are healthy and 100% organic. The organic lifestyle trend has, indeed, been sweeping the hearts of our society as the number for organic produced food and drinks has risen substantially in recent years. Fortunately, we now live in a era where our senses and have become more conscientious towards the environment and organically grown products. The organic trend is currently colossal and here’s why.

What Do You Mean By Organic?

The reason for this turnaround is mainly due to people becoming aware of how harmful chemical fertilizers in the food can be. Can we say it’s about time this happened? But what is organic products made of? Simply organic products, from vegetables to meat of farm animals, are grown without the use of drugs, hormones, or chemicals. No ionized radiation is used on them and no pesticides or any inorganic fertilizers are used to raise the animal feed. As opposed to processed and genetically modified foods, foods that are 100% organic can help prevent diseases give you a longer, happier life.

Reasons for the Organic Trend Rise

Today, the organic food market has expanded from limited retailers such as “Whole Foods Market” to mainstream retailers such as Walmart and other big supermarkets. In this segment of the food industry, sales are accelerating rapidly, nearly double the total within a year. Individuals can even take it upon themselves to grow their own fruits and vegetable in the comfort of their own backyard. As healthy eating expands throughout the population, we should know some reasons as to why this is trending now, more than ever before:

  • Obesity and heart disease has now become one of the most prevalent health related deaths for people. The demand for more nutritional and healthy foods has grown as a result.
  • Because of the increase of illnesses such as salmonella, E. Coli, and Listeria, awareness of how we eat is also more increased. Organic foods offer no pesticides and no toxins.
  • The demand for environmentally friendly materials. People want to go “green” and organic food products are usually packaged in recyclable “green” materials.

Simply put, people are finally realizing that they should eat healthier. The real question is, “Why hasn’t this trend started earlier?”

Organic on the MenuIMG_8835

Since the percentage of demand for organic foods have rose significantly, mom and pop businesses have appeared to take advantage of this current trend. Fortunately, Vanguish is a destination that has established a unique and healthy food and drink menu, consisting of only fresh and 100% organic ingredients. Each of our smoothies and juices are designed to be made out of only the healthiest organic fruits and vegetables. In addition, our coffee selection is organic as well.

Organic Ingredients in Beverly Hills

With organic food production immensely increasing each year and new consumers being introduced daily, the organic trend may cease to be just a trend and transform into a permanent lifestyle. Being healthy is the key to all of this, so why not take what the earth has to offer? The sole mission of Vanguish is to spread healthy living throughout the community while providing delicious, healthy options to enjoy. Be sure to check out our juice bar in the Beverly Hills community anytime to experience the organic trend, first-hand.

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