Organic Juices

Cold pressed juices

Our 100% organic juices are cold pressed juice not squeezed juice. Cold pressed juice is a healthier alternative to squeezed juice. Squeezing the fruit uncovers the juice to oxygen, which leads to harmful bacteria that can possibly develop. As a result it’s meant to be consumed immediately. But our cold pressed organic juices can be stored for later.

Cold pressed juice also keeps some pulp which makes the juice richer in fiber and protein. While squeezing uses a juicer with blades that usually heats up and chops the fruit up, which unfortunately damages the same nutrients that customers are meant to benefit from.

We took time to understand this to provide our 100% organic juices in a variety of flavors.

Our Rejuvenator juice (beets, apple, lemon, ginger) is perfect for the person who wants to feel and look more lively. Our Glow juice (cucumber, kale, spinach, celery, parsley, lemon, and apple) will make you feel radiant from the inside out.

We have multiple organic juices for those trying to fight an illness. If you’re not into oranges The Cure is a good choice, mixed with dandelion, cucumber, lemon, and ginger. If you love oranges C-Slammer has orange, lemon, and ginger to help fight that cold. Those are just a few examples of the many different healthy benefits our customers get by stopping by our Beverly Hills juice bar.

The fresh ingredients in our pressed juices we use are one of the reasons the customers come back. It’s not just because fresh pressed juice tastes good but because of the freshness of our ingredients ranging from apples and carrots, to kale and cucumbers. In three different sizes 16, 20, or 24oz our flavorful juices have become a delight for Beverly Hills.

Be sure to ask our friendly staff for any kind of particular mood you’re in for juice whether you need one to nurse yourself back to health or are just interested in which would give you a great amount of protein.

Visit our menu to view our full selection of cold pressed juices.