Detox Juice

You only have one body, so treat it right

Detox juice is a jump start to a healthier life. It’s not a “master cleanse diet” with maple syrup, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper. At Vanguish we wanted to make sure that we provided our customers with juice cleanses that were centered around the notion “conscious eating” and not a quick-fix cleanse. A lot of the so-called “cleanses” and “detox drinks” out there are made for people to cleanse for the weekend. Some are even used as a temporary weight loss program. When we put together our juice cleanse idea we wanted to make sure we were offering people a chance to do a cleanse that wasn’t a temporary fix or fad but would have a long term effect and more importantly was healthy for their body.

At Vanguish, detox juice is part of a lifestyle choice. Often we get customers in Beverly Hills coming in looking for a weight loss program that requires minimal effort on their end. It’s as if they want a “magic pill” that helps them drop pounds instantly. We can’t offer that. To us, weight loss is just a side effect. But our detox juice is available so people can clean their body from the inside out with healthy ingredients from a combination of multiple cold pressed juices. Our first cleanse “Vitalize” combines six of our juices (The Cure, Green Giant, J-Bates, Rejuvenator, Protein, and C-Slammer) Our second cleanse “Skinny Me” combines six of our juices as well (Green Giant, Refresh, Protein, J-Bates, Rejuvenator, and Glow). Both cleanses come with 18 cold pressed juices and 3 chia seeds alkaline waters. It’s a cold press 3 Days Detox and your body will thank you for it.

Because we care

We always advise preparation before using our detox juice. One of the first things we ask customers to do is cut dairy, meat, and junk food. 3 Days Detox is not meant to be for a three day weekend, and then going back to unhealthy habits like fast food, binge eating, loads of sugar and salt. You only hurt your body instead of healing it when you eat junk food right after the detox. The detox juice is meant to be used as the start of your body’s inner makeover and a way to revitalize the body. We’re happy to share that more than half of our customers return for a detox. Seeing the results in their skin, their hair, and overall their energy. It makes a difference for them and we’re excited to be a part of that positive change.