What to Know to Build Your Children’s Healthy Diet

They Won’t Like It, But Kids Must Eat Healthy Now

Nutrition in our bodies is a necessity that we should all consume wisely, but it should also be a priority to be wise about our children’s healthy diet. The long and the short of it is that children need nutrients to grow and develop optimally. A healthy diet for young kids will help them develop a strong mind and body. A poor diet from an abundance of unhealthy, greasy foods can lead to mental and physical health issues. What would children’s healthy diet consist of? What are the harmful effects of children not consuming nutrition regularly? We’ll approach these questions and more throughout the remainder of this article to give you a clear idea of the importance for kids to eat healthy and the food that has the best benefits. Let’s start learning!

What Foods to Avoid

While you shouldn’t deprive the joys of eating greasy junk food from your children, you should still keep an eye on how much they eat it. Fast food, processed food, fried food, and junk food: try to limit these from your children’s daily meals. This would be a diet that is high on sugar and saturated fats. According to Julie Webb Kelly from Livestrong, newborns to one-year olds should have a calorie intake of about 850 calories daily. Children up to age seven are recommended to eat up 2,000 calories daily.

Negative Results of Unhealthy Eating

A hearty does of unhealthy foods for children could have consequences, one of them being obesity. Overweight or obesity will lead to diseases and physical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, heart disease, asthma, and high cholesterol. There will be harmful mental effects as well such as body-shaming, and being bullied, which can lead to trouble communicating with others.

What Children Need to Eat

Since children’s immune systems are usually underdeveloped, children’s healthy diet should encompass a good amount of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Here are some other helpful tips.
• Drinking plenty of water and eating enough protein, minerals, and fiber will be beneficial for growth and cellular repair.
• Carbohydrates are needed for high energy levels.
• Children require iron, calcium, and vitamin D for strong blood and bones. Zinc and magnesium supports their immune system.

What a Healthy Children’s Diet Could Be

organic strawberries

It is important for you, as a parent or guardian, to have the right variable food options displayed and available in your household. Some ways in how you can shape your child’s diet would be:
• Keep on offering fruit and vegetable choices daily.
• Have healthy sources of protein available such as fish, eggs, nuts, lean meats.
• Broil, steam, or grill your child’s foods instead of frying them.
• Keep on offering low-fat milk, cheese, and other low-fat products.
• Provide water or milk more often than sugar drinks, sodas, energy drinks, and sweetened drinks.
Even though we can provide these healthy options to our children, it doesn’t mean that they will always take them. We have to start teaching our kids about healthy eating habits while they are at a young age. We also should not push our child into what foods they should eat and let them determine what they should try. In the end, healthy food consumption at a young age will reflect a healthy life in the long run and a positive attitude.

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