A Healthy Start

After moving to the US, Parvis wanted to build a business foundation for his family. His friends suggested franchises, such as liquor stores and popular sandwich fast food chains. But he wanted something healthier for the future generations, not just for his family but for the community. He along with his business manager Behnaz liked the idea of working together to create a healthy place for people in Los Angeles to eat and drink at. By offering organic food and drinks they hoped to inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle, daily. They found a former fast food chain and rebuilt it into the space that Vanguish is now, turning it into an organic juice bar. The textbook definition of “vanquish” which they spelled with a “g” instead of a “q” means to defeat thoroughly. It’s a fitting title for their organic juice and coffee bar, since they thrive on vanquishing old, unhealthy habits of eating and drinking.


For Behnaz, the business manager, living healthier came after recovering from a sickness. She started eating and drinking healthier and as a result felt better with her energy levels raised. Along with Parviz she liked the idea of transforming the fast food restaurant in the juice and coffee bar. For them it was a metaphor for the transformation our bodies go through when we eat and drink healthier. The clean space of their business and the friendliness of the staff have nurtured the experience for customers. Behnaz believes that their mission was not only to supply good food and service but to spread healthy eating habits.

Originally they hired managers to work for them, who knew the “healthy lifestyle” business in LA well. However there was a disconnection between their business and the community. Behnaz started managing Vanguish in an attempt to build that bridge between their organic juice and coffee bar and the Beverly Hills community. When their juice bar first opened she didn’t speak any English but taught herself the language to have a closer connection with customers. About a year later she has found a sense of community by connecting the relationship between her family and the customers.