What to do Before & After our 3-day juice detox


You Have to Try our 3-Day Juice Detox!

We have customers daily asking about our 3-day juice detox. We usually get questions that range from, “how can I last three days on just juice?” or “will it help me lose weight quickly?” and even “can I still eat fast food after the juice detox?” The last question is probably the biggest misconception when it comes to a juice detox. Our 3-day juice detox is not meant to be a quick fix, used to lose weight for an event or trip. It’s a jump start for the beginning of a healthier diet.
The great thing about our detox cleanses is that we have two different types that come pre-made so you don’t have to worry about going to the store and buying the materials, or investing in blenders and food processors to grind the ingredients together.

Our pre-made juices are made fresh daily and are ready to be consumed. Just shake and you’re ready to start. We offer two different types. The Vitalize (which includes other healthy juices we make like The Cure, Green Giant, and more). The Skinny Me (includes Green Giant, Refresh, and more). Both include 18 cold pressed juices and 3 chia seeds alkaline water to make sure that you get the nutrients you need during the 3-day process. But there are important things you should know before and after going on one of our 3-day juice detoxes.

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It’s important to start by telling everyone that you’re doing the detox. You’ll want the support and more importantly you won’t need the temptation (including lunch invites, nights out drinking, coffee dates, etc.) By telling people beforehand you can stop them from tempting you with food and beverages you’re trying to stay away from during these three days.
We keep the detoxes to three days because we know what’s realistic for the everyday person. Still, make sure to start scaling back certain foods and drinks at least a week before the detox so you don’t get hit too hard during the cleanse. For example, if you’re used to drinking soda every day or eating meat. Try alternating. Drink soda every other day to prepare your body for the lack of that type of sugar rush. When it comes to meat, try finding substitutes, which include vegetables, tofu, even veggie “meat.” It’s important that you can function during those three days and scaling back a week (or even earlier) can help your body react to the lack of soda, meat, or other unhealthy products, even carbs.


A juice detox is only effective if you keep a healthier diet going after your detox. For your first meal (hopefully breakfast!) stick to fruit. Slice up apples, strawberries, oranges, throw in some blueberries and whatever else you like to create a bowl of fruitful deliciousness. Your body will recognize the fruit because that was mainly what you were ingesting for the previous three days. For the rest of your meals for a day or so afterwards, keep it light. Salads and soups are good ways to still include vegetables and other ingredients that you love, without overwhelming your body.
As stated earlier it is VITAL to keep your momentum going. A cleanse is not a “quick fix,” rather the beginning of changing your diet habits. Now that you’ve had three days away from your habits you can think objectively about what those habits are. Write down a list of items that you usually grab at the grocery store, or items at the places that you’re used to eating at. In order for you to continue on a healthier path, you have to know what you want to start avoiding or limiting.
Don’t worry! We’re not telling you, you can’t indulge in ice cream every once in awhile or you have to give up meat altogether. We’re just saying that having things in moderation won’t slow your body down. Ever have a heavy lunch while at work and immediately feel sluggish after? Well, that’s because the items you’re eating, probably carbs and processed foods, are making you feel lazy as opposed to energized. That’s the feeling you get from our 3-day detox juices. You feel energized, healthy, and positive.
Now you know what to do before and after our cleanse so the only thing left to do is to swing by Vanguish Organic Juice and Coffee Bar located at 9158 W Olympic Blvd in Beverly Hills to grab your cold-pressed juices and start your three day juice detox today!

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